World’s largest autonomous vehicle technology supplier confirms as partner

Self Driving Track Days confirms AutonomouStuff, World’s largest autonomous vehicle technology supplier, as first commercial partner

ASTUFF logo darkThree months ahead of Europe’s first open self-driving car test track event and organisers Self Driving Track Days have today announced that AutonomouStuff, the world’s leading supplier of components and services that enable autonomy, has joined as the series’ first commercial partner.

We are delighted to confirm AutonomouStuff as our Exclusive Component and Software Vendor at this very early stage of building Self Driving Track Days, Europe’s first open testing events for autonomous vehicles and self-driving technology.

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, Co-Founder of Self Driving Track Days was keen to complement the project’s first commercial partner. “It sets an exciting precedent that the biggest, best-known and well-respected supplier in the world has agreed to work with us on this project, and marks the first in what I hope will become many fruitful collaborations.”

Bobby Hambrick, CEO of AutonomouStuff, explained his reasons for lending his support to the initiative.  “The Self Driving Track Days series is sure to pull together some of the greatest minds in the industry to collaborate, test and learn from each other, while publicly showing the world where this industry is headed.  I believe that this series will change how the world perceives the future of transportation. We are very proud to be a major contributor to its success.

The partnership will begin immediately and last until August 2017, after the last of four track events scheduled, which will be run in the UK, France and Austria.

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley was keen to highlight the strength of the relationship even at this early stage.  “We want to work closely with partners to ensure quality for participants, and right from the outset of even chatting informally about Self Driving Track Days, even before we’d decided to run with the idea, Bobby Hambrick made it clear that he wanted to support what we were doing and was willing to go the extra mile to help.  When we took a step back and asked ourselves ‘OK, that’s great, but what are their values?’ then understood more about what makes them tick, it was like finding our twin.”

When you have someone like Bobby Hambrick, with that level of experience and passion telling you ‘go for it’ then you would be foolish to ignore that!”

What’s become clear to us is that AutonomouStuff isn’t ‘just’ an online retailer, they’re a group of talented people, including many passionate engineers, and are genuinely excited to work with their customers to identify not only the most appropriate products, but also the best ways of combining those products to solve problems their customers are tackling, and also that their experience can and is regularly applied to new problems and new environments.

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