What do our attendees think?

We asked attendees from our previous Self Driving Track Days to tell us what they thought about the event…

97% of attendees rated the overall event as Good to Outstanding

99% of attendees said they are likely to attend a Self Driving Track Day event again

“It was so exciting to take part in the first-ever Self Driving Track Days event. It is not everyday that you get the chance to drive an actual car with an Xbox controller or go for a circuit lap inside a car with ni driver.”
Jose Maria Lassaletta

“I liked the open discussions and demo sessions.”

“I enjoyed the complete introduction to AD/ADAS functionalities and problems; it was well fitting my knowledge level (slightly more than beginner); with easy understanding. There was the right choice of exhibitors and speakers – friendly and competent.”
AVL List

“The event gives the perfect opportunity to network with other mid-size companies.”
FEV Polska

“The demos were amazing. The event was also very well organised.”

“The ability to talk to each presenter individually was great, and the fact that they were all willing to help with all they could. Not to mention that Karting evening was an absolutely brilliant idea that everybody enjoyed. Having the ability to jump on-board on the demo cars was also a special feeling.”

“Very useful discussions to hear what others are interested in and concerned about.”
Dataspeed Inc

“Riding along on a self-driving car. Learning about how the industry/ecosystem works. I expected to be bored by vendor talks, but looking at how they position themselves was one of the highlights about the day.”

“The live demonstration was very interesting and the talk about Functional Safety was informative.”

“It was good to learn more about GNSS/sensor technology and experience SDC live.”

“Good talks, interesting in-car demos and networking opportunities.”
Elektrobit Austria

“Good introduction to the field of automated, sensor-based control of vehicles and future technology.”

“The Self Driving Track Days in Teesdorf provided a good overview on technologies that will empower the development of autonomous vehicles in the near future. Some of these aspects were presented through interesting vehicle demos.”
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

“I liked having the chance to talk to some people in particular fields and learn more about what way the industry was moving towards.”

“At self driving track days Austria I got to meet several major companies in the field of autonomous driving. I had a blast, especially while catching a ride with a self-driving car.”
T-Mobile Austria

“A super one day event with a wide variety of information. Good mix between getting information and networking.”
University of Natural Resources and Life Science

“Very interesting and compact workshop.”
Graz University of Technology

“The depth of technical information was good. Being driven in an autonomous vehicle and getting to ask questions was the highlight. There was nothing I disliked.”

“It was a great idea to organize this event in order to get input, connect with attendees and to take a ride in an autonomous vehicle (it was one of the main reasons for me to attend, to get the feeling being a passenger in an automotive vehicle and to take a look at installed technology). I  will be recommending the event to my friends.”
FH Joanneum

“It was meaningful to know and experience the state of art the self driving technology. First of all it was good chance to take a test run on autonomous vehicle. In addition to this event was very good organized. I would like to thank for taking this Workshop! :)”
FH Technikum Wien

“It was an interesting topic and opportunity. All in all it was good to meet people working in this field of business and making new contacts and to learn new things on this topic.”
Salzburg Research

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