Enabling heterogeneous systems with open standards for ADAS

About session

Attendees will learn why technology is advancing to address the tough demands of ADAS and autonomous cars, and why open standards provide the best platform for all contributors to deliver.

Session topics

  • More complex Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are driving more complex solutions including safety applications
  • Heterogeneous systems are making this increase in complexity possible
  • Adopting open standards is essential for offering compatibility and enabling applications
  • Relevant open standards
  • An overview of the OpenCL standard
  • OpenCL Concepts
  • A host view of working with OpenCL kernels
  • Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL
  • Building an OpenCL based solution
  • How SYCL enables machine learning and artificial intelligence for ADAS
  • Building portable performance with power efficiency
  • The future for open standards

Who should join?

Anyone involved in developing and delivering ADAS, vision processing and machine learning solutions into the fast evolving intelligent car, including processor developers, semiconductor suppliers, application developers, software integration companies, ECU manufacturers and car manufacturers.

About session leader

Andrew Richards is founder and CEO of Codeplay Software Ltd, a highly successful business that has evolved since 2002 creating compilers and other software development tools for gaming and mobile phone products.

Much of this experience is now being applied to enable heterogeneous processing products for machine learning and vision processing, core technologies needed for ADAS and autonomous vehicle.

Andrew also brings strong leadership in open standards definitions, specifically chair of the Khronos SYCLTM for OpenCLTM group and chair of Software Working Group for the HSA Foundation. Andrew graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Computer Science and Physics.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/codeplaysoft

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