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About Self Driving Track Days and Sense Media

Sense Media Group connects and engages with the automotive community to enable machine perception using sensors and processing software and hardware.

Through our Self Driving Track Day and training events we support engineers and technologists at all stages of their career development. The workshops at these events will upskill the workforce, by providing focused learning opportunities, and the informal nature of the event format will foster collaboration by creating a culture of openness, sharing and discussion.

Demonstrations of driverless vehicles augment this training opportunity, providing all attendees the chance to see the technology in action and engage with the innovators making headway in this field.

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Other training opportunities

Half day (3 hour) professional-level courses

We also run half-day courses alongside our AutoSens conferences, taking place in Detroit, Michigan, in May and at AutoWorld Brussels, in September.

With a low speaker/participant ratio guaranteeing a high quality of interaction, workshop leaders take a deeper dive into pertinent engineering topics.

Past workshops have included:

  • Enabling heterogeneous systems with open standards for ADAS
  • Understanding the Image Colour Pipeline for Automotive Applications
  • Machine Learning and AI for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Human Factors in Designing Self Driving Vehicles
  • Automotive Cybersecurity
  • Requirements Management Best Practices: Collaborative Approaches to Improving Traceability and Compliance

For up to date information on workshops planned for 2018, please visit www.auto-sens.com

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