I want to take part but don’t know where to start

There are lots of great free resources to get started with, free lectures from MIT, lots of stuff on YouTube (including our sister project, AutoSens TV) and a healthy repository of links we helped to build with Chris Anderson’s community over at DIY Robocars and there’s also lots of meetups at meetup.com too.

I’m not based in the country where the event is taking place, can I attend?

Yes. All events are open to international participants, but permits, visas, transport and logistical support are up to you to organise.

I’m a Blogger / YouTuber / superfan / member of the public – can I come and watch?

We don’t have space for spectators but if you’ve got a relevant YouTube channel, blog or website, please contact us.

I have a vehicle or technology I’d like to test, what are the next steps?

Please contact us as soon as possible. We can talk through your testing needs and see how we can help.

Are more events planned?

Any planned events will be announced on the front page and throughout the website.  To keep up to date, you should sign up to the newsletter.

Are you affiliated to ‘Self Racing Cars’

No, but we are in contact and think what they are doing is great.  Joshua and the SRC team but they did a great job at their ‘world first’ event in May 2016 and that really inspired us to take the ‘self driving bull’ by the horns in Europe.  The team there are US based and have a great network there, while the audience for Self Driving Track Days is largely in Europe.

Why are you doing this?

To support the development of autonomous vehicle technology, startups, students, innovators and help organisations of all sizes get to grips with what vehicles of the future might be capable of.

Are you hiring?

For any jobs in the company, please check Open positions on our parent company website.

Do you plan to run an autonomous race series?

We’d love to but honestly we’re just too busy with other projects right now.  If you want to and are interested in working with us, then let’s talk!

Who are the organisers?

Sense Media are the organisers, they are the organisation behind the world’s largest vehicle perception event, AutoSens.  Robert Stead (LinkedIn) is MD of Sense Media, and also an occasional car nut.

We want to take part but we’re in stealth mode

We are happy to support your privacy. We don’t force anyone into press or media activity, and the amount of branding you show off is entirely up to you. You will be obliged to follow marshal instructions and attend the Safety Briefing, but otherwise your level of interaction with others is up to you if you’re using the track.

Do you support Formula Student Driverless / Formula SAE / Student Robotics / other robotic or driverless vehicle competitions?

Absolutely.  All student-lead teams (i.e. in full-time education) will always qualify for our lowest rates – in fact we’re aiming to ensure track time and workshop costs are close to free for all Student groups.  We invest the majority of our income and revenue from our commercial activity into the future of our industry, keeping costs down for organisations delivering exciting and relevant educational opportunities.

Who do you work with?

In short, pretty much everyone, we’re a friendly bunch… generally speaking we work with a lot of companies around the industry through our other product brands within Sense Media Group, such as AutoSens, our conference for automotive sensor technologists.

We also work with universities, governments (not just in the UK) and their agencies, and support them with insight and contacts where it’s helpful, however we are a completely independent, privately owned and self-funding company.  Outside from our visible relationships, we also work with a number of other organisations on slightly more private projects.

Do you have anything to do with CCAV / Meridian / Transport Systems Catapult?

We are in regular contact with a lot of folks that work in those organisations, especially TSC (who are awesome) but we are not funded by any of them.