A short note on how we’re funded

As a courtesy note to journalists and any readers, I’d like to clarify how we’re funded.

It became clear shortly after we launched, earlier this month, that a couple of the stories covering our project included incorrect information.

One of these suggested that this project is funded by Innovate UK, and another (which was replicated numerous times) stated that I was also co-founder of Innovate UK – neither of which is the case. Self Driving Track Days is an independent business unit of Sense Media Ltd and has received no external funding, in fact we expect to continue to be a self-funding business unit for the foreseeable future.

We were accorded some in-kind assistance by the lovely press team at Transport Systems Catapult, which is funded by, and completely independent of Innovate UK – which is the national innovation agency – that’s all.  Of course, both organisations are brilliant, doing important work, so I’m certainly not throwing stones!  So, there is a very tenuous link but certainly not one which implies receipt of funding (more’s the pity) or a lofty role for me at either organisation! 🙂

If you’re researching a story, please feel free to get in touch and I would be happy to personally help you with any information you need.