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Self Driving Track Days runs 1-day track demonstration and workshop on autonomous vehicle technology. We provide all levels of educational workshops, from advanced down to introductory level content, delivered by industry professionals, in a one-day workshop. PLUS an exclusive opportunity to have a ride in a fully autonomous vehicle on the venue track.

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These sessions are suitable for engineers and R&D teams from vehicle manufacturers, software developers, post-doc students, researchers, Udacity nanodegree students, Formula Student Driverless teams, universities, hobbyists, whether inside the automotive industry or not. We educate and develop those with an interest in autonomous vehicle technologies as well as providing hands-on experiences to get up close and personal with the technology. Attendees gain unparalleled insight into the systems that make self-driving cars tick.

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  • 99% of previous workshop attendees would likely attend again
  • 97% of previous workshop attendees rated the event as Good to Outstanding

“At Self Driving Track Days Austria I got to meet several major companies in the field of autonomous driving. I had a blast, especially while catching a ride with a self-driving car.” Kaspar Sakmann, T-Mobile Austria.

“Excellent, inspirational and gorgeous” Sanyaade Adekoya, Pat-Eta Electronics Ltd

“Friendly atmosphere combined with leading technology and specialists.” Joseph Griggs, Brunel University

“A really useful and informative day. The sponsors were very helpful and thought provoking. Simply too much to take in on just one day and I thought of so much more to ask about while travelling home” James Hardy, University of Derby

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Self Driving Track Days – July 2018

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