Introduction to autonomous vehicle technology

This popular workshop is the only introductory workshop of its kind and ideal for anyone wishing to gain a basic understanding of the technologies used in driverless vehicles.

A number of our partners attend, each providing around 30 minutes of presentation and discussion on their technology specialism and how their systems are currently used in autonomous vehicles, whether those are in the R&D setting, or in the ‘real world’ of ADAS and production vehicles.

These will include a selection of the following:

  • AutonomouStuff – the leading supplier of autonomous components and software – which will explore the various types of hardware, software, systems and processes used in automating vehicles.
  • NXP – Manufacturer of the ‘Blue Box’, discussing signal processing
  • NovAtel – Discussing navigation using GPS, GNSS and correction methods such as intertial positioning and real-time kinematics
  • Quantum – Discussing data storage and processing
  • LeddarTech – Discussing LiDAR technology and development
  • Intempora – Discussing management of sensor arrays, fusion, and control

These presentations will include opportunities to ask questions of engineers working on vehicles every day and often experience driverless vehicles first hand – these will be normal road-going vehicles that have been retro-fitted with driverless technologies. Between sessions, there’s time to talk to presenters in the exhibition area and when possible, experience demos in vehicles too.

We also host a Panel Q&A session, a general industry update segment, and also welcome guest speakers from various new companies working in the sector on topics such as robotics and cyber-security.

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