One-day training workshop

All of our events will include training to support the development of knowledge and accelerate the experience of research teams.

We are working with industry professionals, including recruiters, to ensure the topics covered are relevant and essential to the development of self driving vehicles, be it SLAM, LiDAR, GPS, Radar, Image processing, sensor fusion, FPGA programming or telemetry control.

How to build an autonomous car

This one day workshop will run once on each day of our events.

Discussion led by Terry Lamprecht, Director of Products at AutonomouStuff – the world’s leading supplier of autonomous components and software – which will explore the various types of hardware, software, systems and processes used in automating vehicles.  This will include adding these to an existing road-going vehicle and demonstrating its capabilities on track.

A number of our partners for the event will also be attending, each providing around 30 minutes of presentation and discussion on their technology specialism, with opportunity for Q&A on how their systems are currently used in autonomous vehicles, whether those are in the R&D setting, or in the real world.

These will include a selection of the following:

  • NXP – Discussing signal processing
  • NovAtel – Discussing navigation using GPS and intertial positioning
  • Quantum – Discussing data storage and processing
  • LeddarTech – Discussing LiDAR technology and development
  • Intempora – Discussing management of sensor arrays, fusion, and control

These presentations will be spread throughout the day and there will be opportunities to look around and experience driverless vehicles first hand – these will be normal road-going vehicles that have been retro-fitted with driverless technologies – as well as ask questions.

A hot lunch and drinks will be included.

Next workshop runs on 24+25 April (near London) in Surrey, UK

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