Artificial Intelligence in the ecosystem of self-driving

About session

The workshop is targeting those who would like to get a deeper insight into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in self-driving technologies, with special attention to recognition and decision making.

Topics will cover an introduction to AI through automotive use-cases, the evolution of machine learning and computer vision (CV) based methods, a deep-dive in neural networks, and interactive hands-on tutorials on NN implementation and testing.

The core components of NN-based approaches will be discussed, such as the structure and importance of data, training tools, available software environments and common architectures.

The workshop will be concluded with an open discussion and joint brainstorming on current challenges and yet unsolved problems in AI-based self-driving functionalities.

Participants will take away a new perspective on the capabilities of AI as an enhancement or alternative of current technologies, and will get a deeper understanding of how NN-based recognition and decision making takes place in today’s technologies.

Session topics

  • Introduction of the presenter, the company and the participants (15 min – presentation, interactive discussion)
  • Introduction to machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networks (30 min – presentation)
  • The power of neural networks (evolution from SVM to NN) (30 min – exercise)
  • Break (15 min)
  • Components of NN – datasets, tools, training, architectures (20 min – presentation)
  • Building up an NN architecture (30 min – exercise)
  • Discussing current challenges in AI-based self-driving (30 min – interactive discussion)
  • Wrap-up and take-away notes (10 min – interactive discussion)

About session leader

Árpád Takács [LinkedIn] received his mechatronics and mechanical engineering modelling degree from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

From 2013, he has been a research assistant at the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics at Óbuda University.

In 2016, he joined the R&D team of the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology.

His field of expertise are analytical mechanics, control engineering, surgical robotics and machine learning. Currently he is an AI researcher and outreach scientist at AImotive, leading technology communication and public relations.

Twitter: @AI_motive

AImotive LinkedIn:

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