Past events and attendees

In our first year, we have welcomed dozens of organisations to our workshops and other events, from one or two person startups to multi-billion dollar international organisations, coming along to learn more, network and see technology demonstrated.

These companies include Continental, British Aerospace, Third Space Auto, Five.AI, Baro Automotive, Anthony Best Dynamics, Fusion Processing, Diviti, Kyoto, Digital Catapult, Transport Systems Catapult, McLaren Automotive, Parkopedia, Octo Telematics, Texas Instruments, Tata Elxsi, NavMii, OXTS, MTS, Jaguar Land Rover, InMotion, Strategy Analytics, Valeo, CardioID, DreamChip, Huawei, Sony, IMechE, The IET, React AI, Softkinetic, On Semi, Samsung, NavInfo, Videantis, System Plus, DigiRobotics, Vector, Mway Communications, GemmeSpa, Vectos, HTC Group, Freeburn Robotics, iMakr, Thing, SQS, Civil Maps, Clear Vehicle Data, Haitong, Cyanapse, Lockheed Martin, AB Dynamics, AptCore, Auto RD, BestMile, Enodo, IDIADA Automotive Technology, Intel, NCC Group, Powertrain Technology, Qualcomm Ventures, Ricardo, StreetDrone and Titan Motorsport & Automotive Engineering.

We’ve also seen students, staff and researchers from UCL, RCA, Imperial College, City, Warwick, Loughborough, Brighton, Sussex, Surrey, University of West England, De Montfort, London Business School, Cranfield, Kingston, Liverpool, Nottingham, Oxford Brookes and Derby Universities.

We’ve also welcomed media teams from BBC, Autocar, North One Television, IEEE Spectrum and TJW Media.

These are just a selection – many others, individuals and organisations alike, have come along to networking meetups or taken part in our training.

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