About our networking meetups

Our networking meetups take place regularly, tour around the UK and are an opportunity for interested people, whether in the industry or not, to find out more about autonomous vehicles and related technologies.

The events are free to attend and open to all, and are an excellent first step to find out more about the technology, problems, opportunities and ideas that are relevant right now.

Every event is different, so come along and take part!

Who attends?

Perhaps you are an engineer or technologist in the automotive sector, electronics or robotics student, or a startup trying to understand their place in the eco-system, maybe a teacher looking for ideas, a technology company looking for new revenue opportunities or simply an enthusiast for driverless cars, mobility as a service and futurology.

We have welcomed students, lecturers, startups, robotics engineers, researchers, consultants, automotive testing engineers, software developers, AI enthusiasts, membership organisations, government officials, writers, property developers and more.

What will I get from attending?

Our networking meetings, which generally last two hours, typically include one or two guest speakers and are hosted by Alex Lawrence-Berkeley (co-founder of Self Driving Track Days).

As well as talk topics, which are typically confirmed a week or two beforehand, the host and speaker(s) will normally be able to answer any questions on a broad range of topics, share presentations and relevant contacts.  Attendees too often have something to offer, particularly as a few specialists will also be in attendance, and they too will often provide even more insight.  It’s great for networking.

Talks and topics are generally pitched at the ‘intelligent novice’ level – so while the conversation is not enormously technical, everyone can be involved and engaged in the topics discussed.

Where are they held?

Events are promoted to members of our mailing list, as well on online event platforms including meetup.com (join our meetup group) and Eventbrite, and typically take place at venues which have some link to the technology, engineering or automotive industries.

We have held meetups at AutoWorld (Brussels), Wired Sussex (Brighton), Brunel’s Engine Shed (Bristol) and Google’s Campus London.

We will also work with local groups to showcase local knowledge, experience and organisations, as well as involve other like-minded meetup groups, such as established groups looking at IoT, AI and other technology related topics.