Form a Team

We organise networking events for organisations wanting to find partners to create autonomous vehicles, as well as get together with like-minded individuals to share information and contacts.

Sign up to the mailing list and join our group, where you will see the latest events, as well as links to networking meetups around Europe and the US.

Our plan for 2017 is to work with other event organisers on facilitating hackathons with small driverless vehicles, while delivering networking meetings and introductory training workshops at our track day events.

If you are not attached to a university Formula Student team, we recommend you attend a meetup or track / training event to meet like-minded people, form a team and make a start on a small scale programme such as the widely respected Formula Pi to get started. [Formula Pi has not been going long, but has won admirers from across the professional and amateur communities around the driverless world – it’s a very cost effective way to get started]

We’re working with a number of technology providers around the existing autonomous, automotive, software, hardware and robotics industries to provide opportunities for students and other interested groups, organisations and individuals to get their hands on driverless technologies and the knowledge needed to get started.


SAE has recently announced the AutoDrive challenge and Formula Student Germany is now running a driverless contest. Both of these are international competitions, although SAE is largely active in the US, and the majority of FSG competitors are based in Europe.

College students may wish to get involved in the Robot Challenge (international) or Student Robotics (UK only) programmes.