50+ vehicle perception videos

We’ve written about who this project is aimed at, but for people already working in vehicle perception or ADAS, as the industry generally talks about, what we have to offer through Self Driving Track Days really is too broad.

For those image processing engineers, machine learning developers, data engineers and roboticists already working on advanced driver assistance systems and automotive research and development, we have a sister event: AutoSens.

Running in Europe (Brussels, Belgium) and the US (Detroit, Michigan) every year, the AutoSens vehicle perception conference is the leading conference and exhibition for engineers working in the vehicle perception industry.

The event generally sees around 300 professionals from across the supply chain taking part in dozens of conference sessions on photon-sensor based detection, signal fusion, environment processing, and deployment.

As an industry-only event, cutting edge technologies at component level are demonstrated and discussed – technologies which will be used in production vehicles of the future.  One example of this is the broad understanding that dynamic (i.e. moving, high resolution) LIDAR units are only suitable for R&D, and that the future lies with solid state LIDAR.  This has prompted much questioning in the mainstream media over when these technologies will become available – and yet half a dozen companies were displaying these as finished products at AutoSens in 2016.

What this told us is that there is a significant disconnect between what the industry is really doing and what the media are talking about, and this can only be improved by educating people and of course, the media.  At the tip of the hype cycle, there is a great hunger for news and not necessarily a great deal of background research or context for the innovation or idea.

Without trying to meet every person face to face (a near impossible task, despite our efforts in the UK with countless networking events) or read every article, the best way to do this is by making useful information available to everyone, for free.

So, we have uploaded every conference session from the event to AutoSens on YouTube, more than 50 presentations from car manufacturers and suppliers, universities, engineers, technologists, researchers, AI specialists and more – so everyone can have that knowledge for free.

Explore the videos and playlists on the AutoSens video portal.